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Fabrika Online is a publisher and operator of game projects in Russia & CIS. The company’s history started in 2010. In the same year, 100% of assets of “Fabrika Futbola JSC” (legal entity formed for the purpose of operations of “Fabrika Futbola”, the first action-football MMO free2play game launched in Russia) were transferred to Fabrika Online.


Over the period of operation, top-level projects by major global publishers have been added to the Company’s portfolio. The games operated by Fabrika Online include such major brands as Infinite Crisis by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Therian Saga by Virtys, Infinity Wars от Lightmare and Royal Quest – a joint project with 1C company and the famous Katauri Interactive studio. The complete list is available in the “Projects” section.

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    Liga Online


Fabrika Online is looking for cooperation with webmasters and website owners!

The Fabrika Online partnership program works under the “revenue share” scheme where the revenue from paying users is shared. You get a percentage of payments from the player you bring in. This is an excellent means of additional traffic monetization on your site!


You can trust the experience of the largest thematic sites of the Russian Internet and appreciate the efficiency of Fabrika Online partnership program.

Our partnership program participants include:


Payment partners/methods

Our billing solution supports all main payment systems which cover 100% of all internet users in CIS, Ukraine and Georgia.




Our billing system successfully works with all Russian Ubisoft MMO games and is reliable, stable and user-friendly.

Why is it safe to use Fabrika Online billing system?

  • The authenticity of payment page is protected by Thawte SSL certificate.
  • Credit cards payments (Visa / MasterCard) are processed according to PCI DSS.
  • Payment subsystems work 24/7 and are monitored by Zabbix (to check availability, system resources and suspicious transactions).
  • The payment receiving system is spread to subsystems and every part works on separate server to avoid hack attempts and increase overall system availability.
  • Payments page and user interface are web-server based, not connected with the overall payment system, there is no way to hack/modify any payment details.
  • Backend subsystem receives data from payment systems and transfers the data into the game. The access to the system is allowed only from “white list” of IP addresses. All of the connections get logged and only SSL-protocols connections are allowed
  • Analytics and statistics tools are a separate system that aggregates data about payments and adapts it for data mining tools




Fabrika Online billing system is proved to be 100% secure.

Fabrika Online solutions are successfully implemented “The Settlers Online” and “Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms” by Ubisoft.

Please e-mail your questions and requests to  adv@fabrikaonline.ru indicating Partnership Program as the subject.




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